Love in Catalina Cove   ( Catalina Cove #1) Brenda Jackson from HQN //  Harlequin In her brand-new series, Brenda Jackson welcomes you to ...

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Love in Catalina Cove (Catalina Cove #1)
Brenda Jackson
from HQN // Harlequin

In her brand-new series, Brenda Jackson welcomes you to Catalina Cove, where even the biggest heartbreaks can be healed...

In the wake of a devastating teen pregnancy that left her childless and heartbroken, Vashti Alcindor left Catalina Cove, Louisiana, with no plans to return. Now, over a decade later, Vashti reluctantly finds herself back in her hometown after inheriting her aunt�s B and B. Her homecoming gets off to a rocky start when the new sheriff, Sawyer Grisham, pulls her over for speeding, and things go downhill from there.

The B and B, a place she�d always found refuge in when it seemed like the whole world was against her, has fallen into disrepair. When a surprising benefactor encourages Vashti to reopen the B and B, Vashti embraces a fresh start, and soon old hurts begin to fade as she makes new memories with the town�and its handsome sheriff...

But some pasts are too big to escape, and when a bombshell of a secret changes everything she thought was true, Vashti is left reeling. With Sawyer and his teenage daughter determined to see her through the storm, though, she�s learning family isn�t always a matter of blood�sometimes it�s a matter of heart.

Vashti glanced over at Bryce. �Are you saying you don�t want the Barnes Group to buy Shelby by the Sea? Do I need to remind you how much commission you�d make with the sale?�

�No, you don�t need to remind me. I was thinking about what I would do with all that money. It would be nice but it won�t buy me happiness, Vash.�

Vashti thought about that then asked, �And what would make you happy, Bryce?�

They had stopped the car at a traffic light and Bryce glanced over at her. �I�m thirty-two and have never been married so to start off, a husband would be nice.�

�Don�t wish for things you�re better off not having, Bryce.�

�And please don�t think every man is a loser like Scott,� Bryce begged. �I want to believe my soulmate is still out there.�

�Still reading those romance novels, are you?� That had been Bryce�s favorite pastime. She had been reading them long before her mother discovered she�d been doing so.

Bryce chuckled as she moved the car forward. �And what if I am?�

Vashti shook her head. �Because they are filled with unrealistic expectations and are a real disservice to women.�

�I beg to differ. They provide some of us with hope.�

Vashti decided not to counter. If that�s what Bryce believed then she wouldn�t try bursting her bubble, but personally, she knew better. There was no such thing as that much passion and desire. And most of the time it was the woman who worked at the romance part. A man was out for what he could get. He had needs.

But then so did women.

She hadn�t thought much about those needs until yesterday when she�d been pulled over by the town�s sexy hot sheriff. She would admit that for the first time in years... possibly ever, she�d felt attracted to a man. Really attracted to one. At least the encounter had let her know her libido was still alive after being dormant for a couple of years. She had Scott to thank for that and since she now knew about his sidepiece, she wouldn�t complain, although she would admit it bothered her to know he�d been getting some when she hadn�t. Lust, she thought, was a bitch. But yesterday she�d concluded that for a short while, lust had been given a name. Sawyer Grisham.

She doubted she would ever see the man again. At least she hoped not. One ticket was enough.

About the Author

In 1994, Brenda Jackson�s first novel, Tonight and Forever, was released. Since then she has had more than 100 novels and novellas published (the first African-American author to accomplish such a feat) and has over 3 million books in print.

Brenda is the first African-American author to have a book published by Harlequin Desire and the first African-American romance author to make the New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller lists within the series romance genre.

In 2012, Brenda received the Romance Writers of America�s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award�one of the highest literary awards a romance author can receive. In 2013, she was recognized by the mayor and the city of Jacksonville as being a Trailblazer in the literary field.

Brenda lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and divides her time between family, writing and traveling.


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