The Peppermint Mocha Murder   ( A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery #5) Colette London from Kensington Books It�s beginning to look like a merry ...

Exclusive Sneak Peek: The Peppermint Mocha Murder by Colette London + Giveaway (US/Can)

The Peppermint Mocha Murder (A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery #5)
Colette London
from Kensington Books

It�s beginning to look like a merry Christmas for Hayden Mundy Moore. On vacation from providing her sought-after expertise in all things chocolate, Hayden heads to snowy New England with her friend and financial advisor, Travis, for the opening of his pal�s highly-touted holiday musical. But when the show�s producer is murdered, Hayden trades sampling Chocolate Santas for finding the killer�especially since this time, Travis is the one asking for her help...

Soon Hayden discovers there�s more to Travis�s chic hometown than mulled wine and cocoa cookies. But that�s just the beginning. Almost no one, including Travis, is quite what they seem. Did the show�s lead have more savage motives than stardom? Could the dead producer�s husband have felt a murderous envy for his successful wife? Getting behind the mistletoe and jingle bells will take all of Hayden�s savvy�along with some super caffeinated Peppermint Mochas�if she hopes to catch a killer with a heart more bitter than the darkest truffle...

Feeling hopelessly jet lagged, I studied my room at the B&B. I�d loved it on sight, possibly because it looked as though a holiday-themed boutique had exploded inside.

The walls featured framed Christmas artwork. The antique bureau, nightstands, and bedstead were all decked out in swags of holly, complete with tiny red berries. There were red velvet bows, colonial-style garlands of crimson wooden beads, and plenty of wreathed holiday candles.

I was in Sproutes, Massachusetts. So far, the place felt like Christmastown, USA. I was in love.

I was also hideously awake. I recognized the feeling. It meant there�d be no more sleep for me.

Not wanting to disturb anyone, I got out of bed quietly and tiptoed downstairs.

I�d make chocolate-peppermint truffles, I mused as I reached what I judged must be the kitchen. That was the flavor of my most successful Christmas treat.

Happily envisioning the B&B�s guests smiling as they tasted my chocolaty creations, I groped for the kitchen�s light switch. No dice. I set down my bag full of chocolate-making gear, and tried again.

The lights flared to life. I blinked against their brightness and crouched to retrieve my bag.

But I wasn�t in the kitchen I realized as I straightened. Instead, I was in the dining room. And this wasn�t going to be a memorable stay in Sproutes for any of the reasons I�d imagined.

Judging by the inert, awkward pose of the woman sprawled out beside the enormous dining room table, splattered by what appeared to be Christmas wassail punch, I�d just stumbled upon another murder.


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