All We Knew Jamie Beck from Montlake Romance //  Amazon For Hunter and Sara, getting married was easy. It�s staying together that�s the true...

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All We Knew
Jamie Beck
from Montlake Romance // Amazon

For Hunter and Sara, getting married was easy. It�s staying together that�s the true test of love...

Hunter Cabot deeply loves two things: the international tea company he�s helped his father build, and his wife, Sara. From the moment he first saw her wide smile on their college campus years ago, Hunter fell hard. Yet now, with other family members pushing to sell the thriving business and Sara grieving their failure to start a family, he�s suddenly facing the crushing loss of both.

The relentless ambition that Sara once admired in Hunter is now driving them apart. Each missed doctor�s appointment, neglected dinner date, and family squabble accentuates their differing priorities. Still, Sara struggles to create the home life they�d envisioned, until unsettling developments�both personal and professional�push them to the breaking point.

When love is put to the ultimate test, can Hunter and Sara stop fighting each other long enough to fight for their marriage?

As they pulled into the garage, Sara asked, �Does Bethany have a personal life?�

Hunter killed the engine, shrugging. �No idea.�

After they exited the car, Sara walked into the house as if attempting to cross glass in her bare feet. She wouldn�t risk moving too quickly, tripping, or doing anything else that might �jar� her uterus. �How can you have worked with her for five years and have no idea about her personal life?�

Hunter hung the keys on the key rack in the mudroom, brows drawn. �Why would I? We�re not friends. She works for me. We talk about work.�

Sara patted his cheek, secretly relieved by his obliviousness to Bethany, who was, in fact, quite an attractive, if slightly older, woman. �Oh, honey, you really have a one-track mind.�

In this one instance, it was a good thing for their marriage.

�It gets the job done.� They started toward the stairs together until he playfully scooped her into his arms and carried her up to their room. �I have a surprise for you.�


He gently settled her on the bed and quickly fluffed a bunch of pillows for her behind her back and under her legs. He then went to his nightstand and withdrew a jewelry box.

He sat beside her and handed her the gift. �I had this made because, no matter what happens, you�ll always be my everything.�

Heart melt. These sentimental moments, however fleeting, kept her fighting for their marriage instead of giving up.

�I didn�t get you anything.� She grimaced, turning the box over in her hands, feeling comparatively thoughtless for a change.

�Why would you? I didn�t suffer everything you did to get to this point. My body is needle and bruise-free.�

Really, though, she suspected he was most concerned with the wounds to her heart. Her eyes got misty while she opened the package to find a silver heart-shaped pendant necklace engraved with the date March 3rd, 2004. It took her a second to register the date�the day they first met. Over the lump in her throat, she said, �It�s beautiful.� She leaned up to kiss him. �People would be shocked to know about your sentimental streak.�

An uncharacteristically shy grin surfaced. �Turn it over.�

She flipped it over in her palm to find latitude and longitude coordinates: 45.423965� N, 122.680543� W. �What are these?�

�Home.� He kissed her.

�Really? Our exact coordinates?� Her eyes widened.

�So you�ll never lose your way back to me.�

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed his face a few times. �Sometimes you take my breath away.�


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