Bodyguard with a Badge   ( The Lawmen: Bullets and Brawn #1) Elizabeth Heiter from Harlequin Intrigue ( Harlequin // Harper Collins ) Tak...

The Lawmen: Bullets and Brawn Series by Elizabeth Heiter Giveaway (Open Internationally!)

Bodyguard with a Badge (The Lawmen: Bullets and Brawn #1)
Elizabeth Heiter
from Harlequin Intrigue (Harlequin // Harper Collins)

Take the shot... or take a chance?

FBI sniper Andre Diaz saved Juliette Lawson from a deadly hostage situation. But only hours later, he receives the surprise of his life when she takes him hostage in order to escape Quantico. Now the federal agent knows just how desperate Juliette is to stay hidden from her dangerous cop ex-husband.

Putting her trust in another law enforcement officer is difficult. Yet Juliette senses Andre is definitely one of the good guys. Perhaps he truly can protect her from the secrets she's been running from�unless her deadly past catches up with them both first.
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She's become his whole world... and she's under fire

Ever since forensics analyst Shaye Mallory survived a police-station shootout, Detective Cole Walker has felt personally responsible for her well-being. Then another shooter takes aim at Shaye. Cole decides the only thing he can do is stay right by her side until he finds the man who wants her dead.

Cole knows that he must set aside his attraction to Shaye if he's going to do his job. But as the days�and nights�go on, it becomes harder and harder to resist his feelings. And, as danger moves ever closer to them both, Shaye realizes that her safety might cost her the life of the man she loves.
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Secret Agent Surrender (The Lawmen: Bullets and Brawn #3)

This undercover agent can't disguise his true desire!

Undercover DEA agent Marcos Costa is shocked to see Brenna Hartwell�his very first crush�cozying up to the brutal drug lord he's about to bust! He hasn't seen her since childhood, but he never imagined she'd turn to a life of crime. What the hunky agent doesn't know is that Brenna's working her own bust as a rookie cop undercover.

Brenna didn't think she'd ever see Marcos again, especially not on her first undercover mission! She knows she has to keep her distance... but while she and Marcos play out their daring ruse, their youthful passion reignites. One wrong move could blow their covers. Can two loners used to self-reliance trust their lives�and hearts�to each other?


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