In Asia and Africa both MEHNDI application is a tradition. However, this tradition has converted into a trend nowadays because this trend is...

Trendy and stylish MEHNDI DESIGNS 2015 FOR GIRLS & WOMEN

In Asia and Africa both MEHNDI application is a tradition. However, this tradition has converted into a trend nowadays because this trend is beautiful yet painless. MEHNDI designs are being used as an art because it doesn�t include any piercing related pain or botheration of being permanent.

Weddings and religious functions are totally incomplete without the application of MEHNDI. The MEHNDI designs have gained popularity through the internet and now GIRLS & WOMEN want to see the trendy MEHNDI DESIGNS 2015.

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GIRLS & WOMEN can choose from a variety of different MEHNDI designs that are available on the internet. Patterns are a good approach to use as a guide while applying the MEHNDI or you can transfer these patterns to the hand directly by utilizing the carbon paper. 

Eid design for girls

After choosing from the wide array of MEHNDI designs 2015, the next step is to apply these designs. If one is a beginner, practicing the design on a paper will be helpful. Mehdi application and the designs are all about the creativity and practice.
Four main types of MEHNDI designs are introduced in 2015. The first one is, Indian style in these design fingertips is being covered by henna. The second one is, Pakistani patterns it is more intricate, complex and also the time consuming. African designs have medium sized flowers, leaves and vines motifs.

eid mehndi style

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pakistani styles of mehndi

Pakistani inovative styles

A good MEHNDI 2015 design would give a gorgeous look to your hands. Try to choose the design according to the occasion and dress type.
If you are looking for a good MEHNDI design 2015 then you should go for a good MEHNDI artist who is skilled in the art and knows all tips and tricks to make your hands beautiful. You can check his or her previous art history to understand the quality of service and the associated rates. There are many MEHNDI artists who charge very affordable hourly rates.

Girls special styles of mehndi 2015

eid styles of mehndi

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Furthermore, you can go for the MEHNDI artists who give wide-ranging variety of MEHNDI designs 2015 as well as incredible MEHNDI packages that definitely suit your needs. Packages that artist offers normally include bridal MEHNDI packages which include the MEHNDI application, wherein the artists use a good quality henna paste. MEHNDI artist also offers post MEHNDI application measures so that the MEHNDI stays for a long time.
If you are looking forward for the best MEHNDI designs 2015 you could consider the above mentioned and below mentioned factors.
During the mehandi application, care should be done to avoid smudging the design. When the mehandi dries, a mixture of the lemon juice and sugar should be applied with cotton. This solution works as a fixer and enhances the color of the mehandi on the skin.
There are a variety of styles to choose from for a mehandi design 2015. Some of the most popular mehandi designs 2015 include the ethnic Indian patterns, intricate Pakistani designs, the Arabic style motifs and the African geometric patterns. The huge variety of mehandi designs along with the all-natural herbal henna usage, make mehandi the best body art.

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