Each person from male to female has a picture in their mind of the perfect EID - the Dress, gatherings, and food - all of it works together ...

EID collection - Trends for 2015

Each person from male to female has a picture in their mind of the perfect EID - the Dress, gatherings, and food - all of it works together as the perfect EID. Some women want a dress that makes them like a brighter star while others want something simple and elegant. The EID collection 2015 dresses showing up bright colors, fashionable cuts, and trendy prints.

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eid collection for males

eid collection for females

eid collection for females

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eid collection for males

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Designers recently launched their summer Eid collection 2015. The overall focus is on lawns that are trendy, soft and fashion-forward. Eid collection 2015 styles are mentioned below.

Embodied Necklines 

For the woman who likes unique styles in her eid clothing, Embodied Necklines create a modern, chic and sophisticated look. Every designer draws attention to the neck, shoulders and upper back, and is ideal for the eid event.

Kurti Style

 heavy Embodied suites are hot at the moment. Bright colors, lawn material and lovely prints kurtis are a great choice for the summer EID. Sana safinz and other top name designers are offering the kurtis as a fresh alternative in their collections. These summer dresses are for the EID- when everyone wants to wear a unique style dress and enjoys the ease of a designer dress.

eid collections

eid styles with kurti

Sleek and Sexy

Ladies who don�t want to wear the flappers, sleek and sexy Capris offer a great alternative to the flappers. Capris are looking very glamorous in summers. The soft and drapey fabrics that these capries are made of give a great shape to the legs and body. Of course Capris can always help out in those areas! This style of EID dress is great for EID get together.

eid collection with styles

Bright Colored prints

Ladies who don�t like completely embodied shirts, they may opt the bright colored shirts for the eid. You can choose any color of your choice or it may be a color that coordinates with EID colors.

eid colections

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trends for eid

Eid 2015 collection relies on the fabric and cut to make a statement rather than a significant amount of sleeves, layers and heavy prints. Smooth fabrics like cotton, chiffon are ideal for a simple EID dress. These fabrics moves stylishly and feels lightweight even though it also looks rich and elegant.
EID dress collections on the market this year are all about some vibrant colors with smooth fabrics. Some simple branded dress against bright colors is incredibly eye catching on any lady. In simple words, this is also the kind of dress that can be used later after EID. There is a wide range of colors from which to select your simple EID dress. Kurtis is popular in Pakistan and other locations of the world and appropriate for any occasion.
Each dress selection is unique for the EID. Not everyone has the embodied dull prints in mind. Something less dramatic can actually a better choice for some body types. Simple EID dresses for 2015 seem to have kept that in mind.

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